Purpose: Collaborate with others to find solutions for the efficient delivery and funding of local government services consistent with the needs of our citizens.

The Local Government Institute is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of ten voting members—six “association directors” and four “public directors”. The six association directors consist of two directors appointed by the Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA), two directors appointed by the League of Wisconsin Municipalities (LWM), one director appointed by the Urban Alliance of the League of Municipalities, and one director appointed by the Wisconsin Towns Association (WTA). The six association directors select the four “public directors”.

The Board of Directors elects the following officers: president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. All officers serve for one year.

The executive directors of the three local government associations serve as non-voting members of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors may elect to establish Advisory Boards. The purpose of the Advisory Board is to advise the Board of Directors on matters requiring special expertise, knowledge or experience to enhance the ability of the Board of Directors to accomplish the mission of the Local Government Institute.

The Board of Directors meets bi-monthly.

Voting Board Members

Jean Jacobson (Treasurer), Chair, Town of Norway, Racine County; Public Board Member

Andrew Kurtz, Village Administrator, Village of Marathon City; League of Wisconsin Municipalities Representative

Larry MacDonald, former Mayor, City of Bayfield & Owner Cooper Hill House B&B; Public Board Member

William Mielke, CEO, Ruekert-Mielke; Public Board Member

Joseph Moore, City Manager, City of Fond du Lac; League of Wisconsin Municipalities Representative

Dennis O’Laughlin (Vice President), former Dane County Supervisor; Wisconsin Counties Association Representative

Mike Pagel, Town Chair, Town of Lanark, Portage County; Wisconsin Towns Association Representative

Lance Pliml, County Board Chair, Wood County; Wisconsin Counties Association Representative

Katie Rosenberg, Mayor of Wausau, Urban Alliance Representative

Jerry Wehrle, (President), former Mayor, City of Lancaster; Public Board Member

Non-Voting Board Members

Jerry Deschane, Executive Director, League of Wisconsin Municipalities

Mike Koles, Executive Director, Wisconsin Towns Association

Mark O’Connell, Executive Director, Wisconsin Counties Association

Advisory Board Members

Terry McMahon, Supervisor, Town of Yorkville , Racine County


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